Why join Humanities for Change

New skills

You can acquire or develop new skills that can be used in the world of work and research


By participating in the network's working groups you can get in touch with other people from different backgrounds

International environment

You can complete a long-life learning in an international environment full of stimuli from the outside world


Ours is a recognized network that collaborates with universities and companies to offer events and projects

How to collaborate

Humanities for Change is a reality that welcomes mainly early-career researchers, but is also open to students, professors and experts in the field. The common thread that unites the various collaborators is their interest in the humanities, combined with the desire to stimulate a critical debate on their future and the contribution they can make to contemporary reality.

There are many ways to collaborate with Humanities for Change, depending on one’s availability and the personal interests of each volunteer. Our network, in fact, is always looking for a variety of profiles that can expand the current offer and offer quality content.

Joining our group is very easy: just write an email to info@humanitiesforchange.org or fill in the form below!

Please note that Humanities for Change is a private and independent international network, without academic affiliations, and that collaboration is free and voluntary and can be terminated at any time.